Program Coordinator's Message

Welcome to the VLSI Design Tools and Technologies Program Website. This is an interdisciplinary graduate program that helps shaping the future leaders of VLSI industry. The program was started in 1996, at IIT Delhi, with a great emphasis on industry-academia relationship. Where IIT Delhi provides the intellectual capital, the industry provides the necessary infrastructure and financial support for the cutting edge research and development.

The program is fully industry sponsored with the number of students admitted being equal to the number of fellowships available from the industry each year. The students do their course work at IIT Delhi, and in the final semester they work on an industry specified project at the sponsor's site (in India or abroad) which accounts for their Master's thesis.

Three academic units, namely, Electrical Engineering Department, Computer Science & Engineering Department and Center for Applied Research in Electronics joined together to develop and run the program.

If you are an industry that would like to take part in this program either directly by sponsoring students who will work on projects with you as interns or by recruiting students from this program to your organisation, you are welcome to go through this website and contact us.

Prof.Anshul Kumar
Program Coordinator - VDTT